Peter Haskin – Citizenship Coordinator, Project Citizenship, Boston, MA
Emily Reiniger – New American Integration Program, MIRA, Boston, MA
Bethany Gamble – Case Specialist, Community Services, IINE, Lowell, MA
Mike Oliver- Program Director and Citizenship Instructor, St. Mark’s Education Center, Dorchester, MA
• Monday, February 5, 2018
• 1:00-4:00 PM
• First Literacy
160 Boylston St., Boston, 02116 – second floor
What are the benefits of U.S. citizenship? How do immigrants become citizens? How can you help your students along this path? First Literacy has brought together a panel of specialists in the naturalization process to answer these—and many more—questions about the path to citizenship. Panelists are familiar with immigrant communities and community-based education organizations in Massachusetts and welcome your questions from basic to complex.